Senior Residential Care Program and Senior Smiles to serve Seniors in Residential Nursing Facilities

YAKIMA, WA – Community Health of Central Washington (CHCW) is pleased to announce two new programs that serve seniors in residential care facilities by providing the residents quality and timely medical and dental care.  Senior Residential Care (SRCare) and Senior Smiles programs are designed especially for meeting the healthcare needs of individuals in Ellensburg and Yakima Valley residing in long-term and skilled nursing facilities.  The two programs are staffed by physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, skilled nurses and medical staff who will provide patients with primary medical and oral healthcare and, when needed, consultative care for short-term or transitional patients.

Community Health of Central WA Announces Senior Health and Dental Care Programs in Kittitas and Yakima Counties

Community Health of Central WA Announces Senior Health and Dental Care Programs in Kittitas and Yakima Counties

SRCare program goals are to provide access to affordable, high quality, and cost effective health care to medically vulnerable and underserved seniors in long-term nursing care facilities with the eventual goal of expanding services to those seniors needing care in their personal residences.  It is not the intent of the program to displace any patient from their ongoing source of primary care, only to provide care if it is lacking and assist residential care providers.   In addition, SRCare works to improve outcomes and patient experience, respond to the service needs of patients, and expand the scope of services provided to seniors and patients with disabilities, and coordinate transitions of care.


SRCare’s original concept and plan was adapted from local physician Dr. Emmans’ efforts of providing care to nursing home residents for over a 15 year period in Yakima and Selah.  Dr. Emmans currently serves as the Clinical Director of SRCare and provides medical director services to designated facilities that are contracted with CHCW for SRCare services.

Quote from Mike about Senior Smiles Program:

“It is a pleasure to combine my past efforts with the comprehensive resources and support of CHCW professional staff and leadership,” says Dr. Emmans.  “Together we are able to reach additional at-risk patients and provide them with essential medical services to improve their health and quality of life.  Additionally, the opportunity to have Central WA Family Medicine Residency participate, as part of their training, in the program has great potential to enhance the care our patients receive.”


Similar to SRCare Program’s initiatives, but with a focus on oral health care, Senior Smiles is a comprehensive, high quality preventive and primary dental care program serving senior and residential patients in long-term care facilities regardless of their ability to pay.  Many of their patients do not have easy or convenient access to dental treatments, nor adequate insurance to provide for their dental needs.   Therefore, Senior Smiles is unique that it is a mobile unit that literally takes the dental office to the patient, providing essential oral health care to the most vulnerable patients at greatly reduced cost or no cost at all.  The Senior Smiles program is currently operating in Ellensburg and Yakima thanks to grant assistance from Washington Dental Service Foundation.


More about SRCare Program

In addition to Dr. Emmans, SRCare physicians and medical professionals include: Dr. Maureen Watson, Dr. Vicki Black and Erin See, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner.  All SRCare providers and staff are employees of CHCW and accept patients with Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance coverage.  CHCW accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay.  In addition, low-income patients may be eligible for discounted fees for most CHCW services, co-pays and deductibles.  SRCare medical staff are currently serving patients at: Summitview Health Care Center, Selah Convalescent, Emerald Care, Toppenish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Garden Village, Willow Springs Care, Prestige Care and Rehabilitation, Good Samaritan Health Care Center, Crescent Health Care, and Landmark Care Center.


More about Senior Smiles Program

Senior Smiles is a unique oral health care program connecting at-risk seniors and people with disabilities to dental professionals, regardless of the individual’s ability to pay.  The program consists of mobile unit operated by a team of highly trained, dedicated professionals that include: Dr. Brenden Davis, Dental Director and primary dentist for Senior Smiles; Becky Starnes, program manager; Rachel DeMarco, program assistant; and Samantha Andreas, dental assistant.  The Senior Smiles program was created with help from a Washington Dental Service Foundation grant.   The team currently operates by traveling throughout adult nursing care facilities in the Ellensburg and in Yakima Valley area, including those facilities that are also served by the SRCare program.


About Community Health of Central Washington

Community Health of Central Washington (CHCW) is a nonprofit organization providing high quality, affordable primary health care, dental and mental health services to area residents.  CHCW provides services to more than 25,000 people annually through six locations, without regard to income and ability to pay.  Headquartered in Yakima, CHCW centrally provides supervision, technical support, fiscal services, planning and human resources for the following locations and clinics: Central Washington Family Medicine, Central Washington Family Residency Program, Yakima Pediatrics, Community Health of Central Washington – Ellensburg, Ellensburg Dental Clinic, Naches Medical Clinic, and Pediatric Hospitalist Service.  For more information, visit