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Ellensburg Dental Care

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Community Health of Central Washington receives medical malpractice coverage provided by the

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Community Health of Central Washington recibe cobertura de negligencia medica proporcionada por la Ley Federal de Demandas por Ofensas (FTCA).

Ellensburg Dental Care is accepting new patients!

Our dentists are now available selective Saturdays from 7:00 – 3:30 to better service our patients. Please contact our schedule coordinators at 509-933- 2400 for more information!


Our family dentistry clinic provides comprehensive dental examinations for all ages. Complete oral, head, and neck screenings are available as well as general dentistry. We provide:

  • composite fillings
  • implants
  • implant crown
  • dentures
  • x-rays
  • lymph nodes examinations
  • oral cancer examinations
  • extractions and oral surgery on case by case basis
  • root canal therapy on case by case basis


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Contact Our Clinic For Your Appointment

We provide comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Our dedicated staff can provide both preventive and restorative services. Regular visits to the dentist are important for both adults and children as part of a good dental health plan.

Oral care should start at an early age. It is recommended that every child should visit the dentist before his/her first birthday. We want your child to have an enjoyable experience while at the dentist office, with teeth that will last a lifetime.

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday – 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Sunday Closed


Phone: Main Line (509) 933-2400

Address: 1206 N. Dolarway Suite 101 Ellensburg, WA

We are located in Sun Lakes Office Park (same parking lot as Jennikas Coffee House)

Do you need to see our on-site financial counselor?

Rosa’s office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm
She can also be reached by phone at 509-962-1459.


What Our Patients Are Saying

They all were genuinely interested not only in my dental care but also in me as a person and my interests.



Daniel Whitemarsh, DMD
Daniel Whitemarsh, DMD Ellensburg Dental
Provide each patient the quality care that I would expect if in their position, and to attempt to remove the fear and anxiety of the dental office through education and humor.