What Our Patients Are Saying – Ellensburg Clinic

“I like the people there. I always get good care. “

“I like their caring ways, they are just compassionate. “

“I like the way they treated me. “

“I like that Dr. Elperin and the nurse were nice.“

“I thought Dr. Stone was very interested and very caring.“

“The staff is very friendly and patient.“

“I like Dr. Cate; she listens and tries to make the best use of her time.“

“I like that the clinic is bilingual and socio-economical community clinic.“

“Dr. Powell is the best doctor l have seen in years. They are all like my second family, they are nice to people and they actually listen.“

“The front office staff was amazing, they were very welcoming friendly and I had a couple of questions that were answered right away. They are very assertive.“

“I liked the pharmacist, the girl was very helpful and engaging.“

“I like the care given by everyone. They were all very friendly.“

“I am very comfortable going there. This clinic manages the doctor’s time more efficiently than a lot of places I have been to.“

“I like the amount of time Dr. Casey spent explaining things to me and bringing in another doctor to help him out.“

“Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Stone makes me feel that what I am saying is being heard. She is very patient when she is explaining things and that makes a big difference for me.“

“I liked the way that they greet me. They are really kind people and I liked that they tried to fix my problem as soon as they could.“

“Overall it was just an efficient visit. at The entire staff is excellent.“

“I like the friendliness and courteousness given to me. and I received the answers I wanted.“

“I really like Dr. Ulya, he is very knowledgeable.“

“I like that they saw me quickly.“

“I liked the nurse that helped me on this visit.”

“I like the nurses at the center.”

“Dr. Hamilton was very thorough and very attentive.”

“I like that they are very kind to us and they speak Spanish and understand when we speak.”

“I like Dr. Fosnaugh and the nurses. She is not my normal doctor but the one that treated my particular need. They are excellent and that is why I put up with waiting so long.”

“I like the familiarity that Dr. Fusfield has about my medical history. Everything is positive there.”

“Everyone was courteous and nice.”

“I like the courtesy of the doctors and nurses and that they know you when you walk into the back.”

“Everybody was genuinely nice.”

“This was the first time meeting my new doctor, Dr. Stone and I was very pleased with her knowledge and the way she introduced herself. She made it a very comfortable first time meeting.”

“Dr. Asriel was very nice.”

“Dr. Hamilton is very helpful and nice.”

“Dr. Fusfield is an awesome doctor. I would not go see anyone else.”

“I like Dr. Powers.”

“Dr. Lilya always listens to me and helps me figure out things that most other doctors’ would not. I like the fact that they were willing to watch my son fort a minute meanwhile I went to the bathroom.”

“I like that you can sit down and talk to the doctor and they are not trying to rush you through.”

“I really like how Dr. Cate would ask if I had any more questions to make sure that all of my concerns were attended to.”

“I like Dr. Powell.”

“I like that I was not in pain on that last visit and did not need anything.”

“I have always had excellent interactions with nurses, Dr. Stone was pleasant and was doing the very best she could.”

“I really like Dr. Fosnaugh; she paid attention to “what I was telling her.”

“I like the friendly people at this center.”

“Dr. Powers was very nice and explained everything thoroughly where I can understand. Her overall attitude was very nice.”