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Postdoctoral Fellowship Rotations

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CHCW offers a variety of experiences for fellows related to behavioral health integration. Below is an overview of the fellowship experiences.


PCBH service delivery (Location: CWFM) CL

Description: The PCBH service delivery rotation consists of operating at CWFM outpatient clinic. Fellows will provide behavioral consultation services to patients in brief formats (i.e., 15-30 minutes). Fellows will be available for immediate, same day referrals (i.e., warm-handoffs) from primary care providers. They will also consult with the primary care team regarding behavioral health concerns.  By the end of the year, fellows are expected to function as independent BHCs and see, on average, 4-5 patients per clinic and 1.5 patients per hour.

Shadowing and providing feedback to family medicine residents (Location: CWFM/Ellensburg) RES

Description: Fellows will shadow residents in their clinics and provide patient centered communication and psychosocial medicine feedback. This experience will help prepare them for employment as Behavioral Scientists in family medicine residencies.

Rural PCBH service delivery (Location: Highlands Clinic) HLD

Description: Fellows will have the opportunity to complete rotations at one of our rural clinics. Rotation experience will be similar in scope as the PCBH service delivery rotation with the additional focus on providing services to patients in rural settings.

Pediatric PCBH service delivery (Location: Yakima Pediatrics) YP

Description: Fellows have the opportunity to complete rotations at CHCW’s pediatric clinic. Rotation experience will be similar in scope as the major PCBH service delivery rotation with the additional focus on providing services to patients in rural settings.

Pairing with a medical provider (Location: CWFM) PAIR

Description: In order to provide fellows the experience of a primary care provider, fellows will pair with an advanced practice clinician, resident or attending physician in their respective clinics. The experience will evolve over the year from solely shadowing the provider to providing population based health/pathway initiatives (e.g., completing co-visits).

Scholarly project (Locations: CWFM) QI

Description: Throughout the year, fellows will work on a scholarly project that addresses an identified quality improvement initiative. Fellows will pair with residents or other medical professional to complete the project.

Group activities (Locations: CWFM) GRP

Description: Fellows will have the opportunities to conduct group visits regarding a variety of identified concerns (e.g., chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, stress, depression). Fellows will have the opportunity to identify needs within the CHCW clinics, develop group curriculums that address these needs and implement groups within the clinics.

Paperwork/EPPP study time/research PPW

Description: Fellows will have a designated clinic per week dedicated to paperwork and EPPP study time. This time may also be used to complete research projects/writing or community projects.

Experiential didactic experiences (Location: CWFM) DID

Description: Fellows will attend weekly experiential and didactic experiences.  These experiences will encompass a variety of training and educational methods, including formal didactics, role-plays, experiential exercises, case presentations, etc.  As the year progresses, fellows will have the opportunity to complete didactics with the predoctoral interns, as well as provide supervision to interns. This experience is in addition to the formal monthly, day long Cascades Region didactics.

Supervision SUP

Description: Fellows will receive weekly individual supervision from their primary supervisor. Supervision will include case reviews, role plays, education didactics, etc. Fellows will also receive time for directed reading and self-study.

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