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Senior Residential Care

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Senior Residential Care

The Senior Residential Care and Senior Smiles programs are designed especially for meeting the healthcare needs of individuals residing in long-term and skilled nursing facilities. The two programs are staffed by physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, skilled nurses and medical staff who will provide patients with primary medical and oral healthcare and, when needed, consultative care for short-term or transitional patients. The programs have an excellent foundation created by the founding team. That foundation allows us to move these programs forward. They are now growing and expanding to greater heights in order to meet the needs of all partner facilities. Learn More

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We are happy to welcome:

Tawnya Tompkins, ARNP

SRCare is pleased to announce our new addition, Tawnya Tompkins, ARNP, to our medical services team as a staff nurse practitioner.


Tawnya Tompkins, ARNP


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