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Primary Care

For patients who reside in the nursing facility as a
long term care solution, and whose usual source of
primary care does not serve them there, SR Care
offers to be their primary care provider.

For the patient and family who elect a SR Care primary care provider, SR Care will provide:

  • Regularly scheduled routine visits
  • Interim visits as needed for follow-up care
  • Acute visits in the facility to assess and care for emergency needs
  • Hospital care, coordinated at Virginia Mason Memorial, and Astria Regional Medical Center

Coordination of transitions of care for patients moving:

  • From hospital to nursing facility, or from nursing facility to hospital
  • From nursing facility to home, or other care settings

Coordination of care for:

  • Specialty and sub-specialty referral
  • Tests, therapies, and other ancillary services
  • Durable medical equipment needs
  • End of life needs

Transitional Care

For patients admitted to the facility for what is
expected to be limited duration to receive
rehabilitative or related services, SRCare offers
temporary care. Such patients are expected to have
a primary care provider, and will resume usual care
with him/her following discharge.

Medical Directorship